Dysfunctional Formulas of Love

Dysfunctional Formulas of Love brings together 32 Colombian artists in order to create a complex territory of thoughts and strategies to redefine power relationships, making room for a life in which power is not expressed as oppression but as an acceptance to otherness.
Our individual artworks will sit around the gallery's periphery surrounding a perpetually changing central space. Throughout the middle of the gallery, over the course of the exhibition, we will collectively build a portal for visitors to enter and explore. As artists, we are constantly excavating portals through layers of reality to create spaces for dreams and experiences that do not normally have platforms. Each creative gesture expands the possibility of what it can be; the portal becomes a metaphor for the possible.

We are navigating themes of dysfunction by making liminal spaces and inhabiting cracks and gaps. The Box will become a portal, excavated through our small radioactive gestures. Some artists will be present during the show, helping to shape the space, while others will be working through proxies - Los Angeles based artists who have agreed to act on their behalf. We like the notion of "Remnant Volition" as conceptualized by Tupac Cruz (an artist in this show). A volition survives the expectations of its result when we abdicate control and send intentions through time and space.

We are working together to understand the forces of violence, patriarchy, resource extraction and colonization that deeply affect the geographies of our home and our psyches. How do we leverage our trauma and use it for circumspection and subversion within this dysfunctional system we inhabit?
Artists in this exhibition attempt to answer this question in a range of idiosyncratic and tender ways, turning the spaces between our bodies into deltas.